[TIPS] Automatic Lock Windows Account After a wrong password

Posted by fauzi on Dec 25, 2010 in Article |

In This Tips, we’ll shows the techniques of prevention Hacking Windows Account with Brute Force technique or experiment/try password.

In this case, usually when we want to leave the work space or our computer, so that the computer we are not in the brain tweaking our people always use the key combination [Windows logo] + [L]. The key combination will lock the screen to display the Windows Login.

This tips is useful to anticipate things that nosy time someone wants to enter your computer by way of guessing your password. With this lightweight tips, your account will be locked for 60 minutes after the nosy enter the wrong password 3 times.

Open the Windows Command Processor (Start-> Run, type CMD and then Enter). Type the command:

net accounts

Now we set for our account is locked automatically after you enter the wrong password 3 times. Type the following command:

net accounts /lockouttreshold:3

then we set for that account along with the windows locked for 60 minutes:

net accounts /lockoutduration:60

net accounts /lockoutwindow:60

now we see the changes. Type the command

net accounts

Have changed, right? Please lock your screen and then try entering an incorrect password 3 times you will not get into windows for 60 minutes. As anticipated, you should create 1 account again as the only alternative if the account is locked.



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