Kaspersky Internet Security [KIS] 2010

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Now Kaspersky has the release of Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 2010. Kaspersky internet security, in addition to functioning as an anti-virus, she also serves as a firewall that served to protect you when you surf PC.LAptop diinternet from cyber crime (Hacker). On the official website of this software at a price of $ 59.95 bandrol for aktive one-year period and $ 96.00 for a period of two years but in aktive 21cineplex.tk, the cinexter no longer need to spend that much greater to secure computer / laptop because 21cineplex.tk has been providing internet kaspersky security that comes with reseter. reseter serves to make you always in a state kaspersky 30 day trial. so that it can be used anytime and will never again have a name for the key.

Some people find it difficult to be cured using kaspersky since cracknya search. if they can, certainly in the blacklist. whereas the performance side, Kaspersky anti-virus is the most powerful and most intelligent. now the cinexter will no longer be in sibukkan by searching for Kaspersky Keygen etc could go on and secure when in an update.

How to use:
1. install kaspersky internet security in the state online.
2. when there are orders to enter a serial / key, select option 30 day trial (Activate trial license).
3. after 30 day trial installed, you can wear for 30 days kaspersky
4. sebelom 30 days to reset your Kaspersky, go to the kaspersky internet security applications
5. Click on settings (upper right)
6. Select Options (bottom left)
7. Turn off the checkbox “enable Self-Defense” then Apply
8. exit kaspersky (right-click the Kaspersky icon in taksbar)
9. run the trial resetter
10. start
11. select option 30 day trial again
12. kaspersky 30 day trial you have more…
13. Enjoy …

rar password: Fitria
source: http://www.vitech.tk

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